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The right response to unconditional Love

In a world full of chaos and meaninglessness, there exists a unique force that impacts meaningfulness and orderliness. This force transcends human limitations-unconditional love. Love is not just an emotion but a force that molds destinies and shapes lives. Love in the spiritual realm is beyond emotions. It is obedience, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. Believers in Jesus Christ are called to be an emblem of this divine love and extend it to others regardless of their affiliation, race, ethnicity, or religion.

To love unconditionally means we obey God’s command to put on the garment of love in all circumstances.

Pastor David Yonggi Cho once shared the story of a South Korean woman who lost her life while delivering her baby during the brutal Korean War in the early 1950s. The woman was heavily pregnant and was to have her baby in winter, but due to the protracted war between the South and North, there wasn’t any functioning hospital, so she decided to give birth outside in the scorching snowstorm. The delivery led to her death, but her son survived and was raised by an American family. The story of this woman perfectly describes what it means to love unconditionally. A life lived to save others and this is what Christianity embodies.

The epitome of unconditional love is God Himself. There are uncountable instances of God’s boundless mercy and love in the Bible. This attribute runs the gamut from the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross of Calvary to the story of lost sheep in Chapter 15 of the gospel according to Luke.

Comprehending and accepting Christ's unconditional love allows us to experience total liberation from the shackles of sin and renewal of our faith in Him who died on the cross for us.

One question for you. Dear reader, have you responded to Christ’s unconditional love? Remember, His love held him to the cross to save you from sin. Without Christ’s love, mankind is doomed. Without Christ’s love, the life of man is full of crisis. Without the impact of Christ’s love, man will remain in bondage.

The right response is to turn away from sin, surrender to Christ Jesus and make him your Lord and Saviour. Only then can you experience the reality of love.



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