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My body, my choice

My body, my choice

My gender, my identity

My decision, my will.

From the wells of inadequacy

springs forth the burning desire

to damage,modify or maybe just recreate.

I feel like a precious gift in a WRONG PACKAGE

and would that I can repackage myself

but the One who wrapped me up constrains me.

He says that I am not an accident

and charges me to not yield to these delusions of depravity

Alas, these desires must be from hell,

They seek to destroy perfection,

My wrapper calls me precious,

Why will I cooperate with hell?

I’ll ask Him to help me with His divine power,

To ignore these burning desires from hell

For if I cannot create the smallest hair strand

then I should not remake what was custom made

And so my body isn’t my choice

But the choice of The Creator

And since He says I am not a mistake,

I will conform to His bidding.



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