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Loving like Jesus

Love, when examining its true meaning, basis, and expression, is most suitably exemplified by Jesus . Jesus embodied love throughout his life, making it personified in him. To truly comprehend love, we must look to Jesus and seek to emulate the principles, message, mandate, and mantra that guided his life. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the concept of love has been reduced to mere emotional and romantic affection or driven by sensual desires. Even within the Christian community, love has been diminished to a mere display of affection and accommodation, disregarding matters of right or wrong, godliness, or sinfulness. This is not the love that represents Jesus.

Loving like Jesus is loving what he stands for—the truth, his purpose, his purity, and his friendship.

The Truth:

Loving like Jesus involves detesting sin and defilement, reaching out to the lost with the message of salvation, and extending the benefits of redemption to the unreached. It means obeying his will and upholding his principles. Essentially, it is living life in the way Jesus did. When Christ instructed his disciples to love one another as he loved them, he meant for them to model their lives after his.

His Purpose:

Jesus abandoned his heavenly glory and descended to unworthy earth to show sinful humanity the way of love and deliver them from eternal death. To love like him is to put aside selfish desires, reach out to others, demonstrate love's ways, and preach the life of Christ. It requires humbling oneself to aid those in need without getting entangled in their struggles, but rather guiding them out of despair.

His Purity:

Love is untainted and uncorrupted by sin. Jesus exemplified purity in his love, and to love like him is to strive for selflessness that resists sin. It means prioritizing others, stepping down from high and lofty positions to help others

without getting entangled in their sinful ways.


To love like Jesus is to cultivate genuine friendships, demonstrating sincerity and sacrifice, rather than merely superficial connections.

Knowing how to love like Jesus is truly understanding the life of Jesus Christ:

His Purpose:

Jesus left his heavenly throne not to encourage humanity in sin but to deliver them from it.

His Principles:

Selflessness is at the core of loving like Jesus. It means prioritizing others, helping those in need, and making sacrifices for their well-being.

Truth, Sincerity, Holiness, Sacrifice, and Friendship:

Loving like Jesus encompasses upholding truth, sincerity, and holiness while sacrificially caring for others and cultivating genuine friendships.

Loving like Jesus does not endorse, accommodate, or encourage sin. On the contrary, it stands for holiness, refrains from association with sin, and does not compromise with sin for the sake of love. True love is pure and untainted by sin.

I desire to love like Jesus. Do you?



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