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Letter to the Unassured

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Dear Unassured,

I have noticed the difficulty you've been facing in accepting your true self. I observe your mood swings and hear the contemplations echoing in your heart. I understand how much you long for assurance from others' opinions, yet find little clarity or meaning in them. The discourse surrounding gender identity and sexuality can often seem unclear, making it challenging to navigate the array of emotions you experience.

Naturally, you seek answers, but can they be found amidst the countless voices reverberating around you? Allow me the opportunity to enlighten your heart, bring you peace, and alleviate your dilemma. I am writing to reassure you, provide clarity, and offer solace.

In the beginning, when I created the heavens, the earth, the animals on land and in the sea, and all of nature, it was a breathtaking sight. But to complete my creation, I made man and woman in my own image, without ambiguity. When I formed man, I paid attention to every detail, creating a masterpiece of perfection.

Therefore, when I made you, I made you perfect. I endowed you with grace, kindness, life, and goodness. While you may experience feelings of fear and anxiety, there is no reason to be uncertain or dissatisfied with your gender. I have given you an identity and it is intentional and unique to you.

If you would cast your cares on me, I will calm your fears. I will grant you the power and faith to overcome your doubts, and I will provide you with inner strength. Allow me into your heart, and let me dwell within you. I will remove any sense of inadequacy and fill you with satisfaction and wholeness.

Only then will you perceive the brilliance within you and the glory of your being.

You will realize that I made you just like me..

With Love,




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