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God's Power Transforms Desires

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Some years ago, a friend enlightened me about the origin of the phrase 'Pray the gay away'. Prior to that conversation, I had not even heard the phrase, let alone understood its meaning. By listening to my friend, I gained a better understanding of the resentment that many people in society hold towards the Church when it comes to issues related to homosexuality and same-sex attraction.

The central issue of this discussion revolves around whether it is natural to have same-sex attractions. It's important to distinguish this question from whether it's natural to engage in a same-sex relationship. These two questions don't always have the same answer, as some people who believe same-sex attractions are natural may still think it's wrong to act on those desires. Those people argue that it's okay to have these desires as long as they're not acted upon, such as by pursuing a sexual partner.

According to scripture, natural sexual relations only exist between a man and a woman. Therefore, a person who lives with active homosexual desires but refrains from acting upon them due to their faith may feel captive to unnatural desires.

This topic often sparks unnecessary back-and-forth debates, which can be unavoidable at times. However, I want to share a truth that many may not be aware of: the Cross of Jesus Christ has the power to remove any unnatural desires and expressions.

So, what then is the solution? Should one ignore these desires or try to keep busy to suppress them? I propose something more enduring and effective: surrendering to the Power of God.

The Power of God is the greatest force in existence, both within and beyond the visible universe. It has the ability to completely transform a person, aligning them with their original state of creation.

It matters not whether a person is a liar, a fornicator, homosexual/lesbian, a drunkard, a thief, prideful, or boastful—no matter the situation, the power of God, as revealed through the cross of Jesus Christ, can deliver anyone from anything and make them a new person. This is the redemptive power of the gospel, as it states that "Everyone who is in Christ Jesus is made a new creature."

On the day when Jesus hung on the cross, a dying thief, crucified beside Him, cried out, "Remember me, Lord, in Your paradise." Without hesitation, Jesus affirmed him, and on that day, a societal outcast received a personal invitation to eternal bliss from Christ Himself.

Even today, Jesus extends His hands to every individual, regardless of their current circumstances. He invites you to turn away from your sins and trust in Him for salvation.

So, how does one yield to the Power of God?

The initial step is for the individual seeking God's assistance to recognize their need for it. This means correctly identifying these desires as contrary to godliness and seeing them as something that "my Heavenly Father has not put in place."

Until a problem is named, a solution is not in view.

At this point, you can specifically ask Him to make you completely new—your thoughts, intentions, desires—and believe that He will do so.

It is important to note that one of the assurances of God's love is that He is more interested in transforming you than you are. He genuinely desires to perform this work, and by asking Him, you provide Him with the space to do so—and He will!

Spiritual transformation occurs internally (and may initially seem intangible), but over time, it becomes evident. The response to your request will be manifested through new desires and a love for God. However, to demonstrate your trust in God and sustain the transformation you have received, it is important to separate yourself from activities and people that stimulate those desires within you.

These can include things like TV shows, songs, conversations, books, and more. If you truly want a definite change, it is necessary to make this a non-negotiable aspect of your journey. At the same time, it's crucial to hold on to activities and relationships that support the new transformation you have experienced. Some people only separate themselves without fully embracing new habits, while others embrace new habits without separating from old influences. Both aspects are needed for lasting change.

Devoting time to fellowship with Jesus is the foremost important activity to sustain.

Every heart-to-heart conversation spent with Him aligns you further with your new state. Additionally, reading the Bible and joining spiritual communities are essential in helping you sustain this transformation.

Just as the beautiful sound of a well-tuned musical instrument is best appreciated when surrounded by other well-tuned instruments or in a quiet environment, transformation becomes more evident when you distance yourself from the influences that fueled your previous habits and desires.

Finally, there is no reason to be anxious about the longevity of this transformation. Anyone who Jesus sets free is truly free!



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